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Ty’s Troops Donation Form

What is Ty’s Troops? Ty’s Troops is a special initiative aimed at fostering connections and creating memorable, inclusive experiences through various activities and events. This collaboration embodies the spirit of community, uniting the enthusiasm of Ty Nelson with the vibrant personalities within Community Living North Bay.

At the core of Ty’s Troops lies a compelling mission: to bring the magic of the Battalion from the arena into our community and to continue creating and cultivating an inclusive community. Through these activities, we aim to foster a sense of togetherness, strengthen connections, and ensure that every member of our community feels valued and included.

Supporting Our Goals: The CLNB Outcomes Fund In addition to the fun and community building, Ty’s Troops will also serve a noble purpose. We will be collecting funds for the Community Living North Bay Outcomes Fund. This fund has been designed to support the individuals we serve in achieving their goals and aspirations. By contributing to this fund, you are not only partaking in memorable experiences but also making a tangible difference in the lives of those we support.