l’Intégration communautaire North Bay


Lettre de conformité

August 16, 2019

Sherry Carnevale Executive Director Community Living North Bay
741 Wallace Road
North Bay, ON

Dear Ms. Carnevale:


The Ministry conducts compliance inspections of all Ministry-funded service agencies under the Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act, 2008 (SIPDDA). The specific standards of care and safety requirements that agencies are required to comply with are set out in Ontario Regulation 299/10 Quality Assurance Measures (QAM) and/or in policy directives.

The primary purpose of an inspection is to assess service agency compliance with legislation and policy directives and seek to ensure that service agencies are fully aware of their responsibilities. Agencies may be provided with support to come into compliance.

Compliance inspections are intended to provide assurances to the Ministry, members of the public, stakeholders, and individuals receiving services and support that adults with developmental disabilities are receiving quality standards of care, in a safe and secure environment. Inspections are designed to be both transparent and fair. They are conducted systematically, using a consistent approach for all service agencies, for maximum thoroughness and equitableness.

I am writing with respect to the compliance inspection of your agency that took place from August 13 through August 15, 2019. The Ministry is pleased to inform you that Community Living North Bay was found to be IN COMPLIANCE with Ontario Regulation 299/10 of SIPDDA (Quality Assurance Measures) and/or policy directives applicable to MCCSS-funded services and supports for adults with developmental disabilities.

Community Living North Bay will be responsible for managing any specific inquiries regarding the results of the compliance inspection.

The Ministry requires this letter to be posted in a public location within the agency. Sincerely,

Kevin Lockwood


Developmental Services Compliance Team

Click here to download the PDF version of the letter.