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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance ensures accountability to the values of the organization.

A Simplified Approach – The ABC’s of Enhancing a Person’s Life

          Ask the people/families what they want.

          Be responsive to their goals.

          Check to see if people/families are still getting what they want.

Quality Assurance Means…

  • Having a clear understanding by staff in the organization of who the person really is.
  • Having a long term commitment to each person’s well being.
  • Meeting the fundamental needs of people.
  • Assisting people in personal growth and development as well as their personal lifestyle interests.
  • Assuring personal empowerment so that people are enabled to act of their own free will instead of being dependent upon the influence of others.
  • People exercise control over their lives.
  • Supporting people to find themselves.
  • Helping people escape devalued roles and treatment.
  • Safeguarding individual vulnerabilities.
  • Promoting the use of natural supports in meeting personal needs.
  • Promoting the use of generic services.
  • Promoting personal memberships in community groups.
  • Helping people find meaning in life.